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Stop fraud and monetize your bad actor data.

Introducing a real-time & bidirectional fraud detection and compliance network.

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A man with x-ray goggles looking surprised

Give your team X-Ray goggles.

Fraud is on the rise and is one of the largest challenges facing fintech companies. And it's growing. Fast. With Waldo, you can onboard the good users instantly, and keep out the bad.

Integrate with Waldo in less than an hour, earn money by sharing tokenized data into Waldo's A.I. model, and leverage the best-in-class compliance tools.


Platform fraud is at its highest level in 20 years. Synthetic fraud, friendly fraud, ACH reversals - as new systems evolve, bad actors adapt. Waldo utilizes millions of data sets but layers on a network of peers to allow good actors in and keep bad actors out.


Introducing a one-stop shop compliance platform, with millions of data points to instantly run every user against, for the highest rate of approvals and accurate rejections for your client onboarding.


With the network of integrators, every user is a tokenized fingerprint floating on the platform. Together we can identify bad user behavior and characteristics, and improve the industry as a whole.

The power of the network.

Waldo ingests thousands of different data sources to power the network of fraud detection, and leverages AI to parse through information and identify suspicious patterns and histories. Each fingerprint is completely anonymized through tokenization and moves instantly across the network.